Monday, October 30

09:00-09:15 Conference Opening

09:15-11:00 Session 1: Security and Privacy

Salvatore Signorello, Samuel Marchal, Jerome Francois, Olivier Festor and Radu State
Advanced Interest Flooding Attacks in Named-Data Networking

Apruzzese Giovanni, Mirco Marchetti, Michele Colajanni, Gabriele Gambigliani Zoccoli and Alessandro Guido
Identifying Malicious Hosts Involved in Periodic Communications

Areej Algaith, Ivano Alessandro Elia, Ilir Gashi and Marco Vieira
Diversity with Intrusion Detection Systems: An Empirical Study (short paper)

Abubakar Sadiq Sani, Dong Yuan, Wei Bao and Zhao Yang Dong
Towards Secure Energy Internet Communication Scheme: An Identity-Based Key Bootstrapping Protocol Supporting Unicast and Multicast (short paper)

Muhammad Umer, Tahir Azim and Zeeshan Pervez
Reducing Communication Cost of Encrypted Data Search with Compressed Bloom Filters (short paper)

11:00-12:30 Session 2: Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks

Phi Le Nguyen, Yusheng Ji, Thanh Trung Nguyen and Thanh-Hung Nguyen
Constant Stretch and Load Balanced Routing Protocol for Bypassing Multiple Holes in Wireless Sensor Networks

Lewis Tseng
Towards Reliable Broadcast in Practical Sensor Networks

Shima Asaadi, Kiana Alikhademi, Farshad Eshghi and Juan E. Gilbert
TQOR: Trust-based QoS-Oriented Routing in Cognitive MANETs

Joahannes Costa, Wellington Lobato, Allan Souza, Denis Rosario, Leandro Villas and Eduardo Cerqueira
Centrality-based Data Dissemination Protocol for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (short paper)

Ademar Takeo Akabane, Richard Werner Pazzi, Edmundo Madeira and Leandro Villas
Applying Egocentric Betweenness Measure in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (short paper)

Ejike Chuku and Demetres Kouvatsos
Combined Sensing, Performance and Security Trade-offs in Cognitive Radio Networks (short paper)

12:30-14:00 Lunch

14:00-16:00 Session 3: Cloud and Edge Computing

Richard J Gil Martinez, Zhongmiao Li, Antonia Lopes and Luis Rodrigues
Augure: Proactive Reconfiguration of Cloud Applications using Heterogeneous Resources

Pernelle Mensah, Samuel Dubus, Waël Kanoun, Christine Morin, Guillaume Piolle and Eric Totel
Connectivity Graph Reconstruction for Networking Cloud Infrastructures

Deafallah Alsadie, Zahir Tari, Eidah Alzahrani and Albert Y. Zomaya
LIFE: A Predictive Approach for VM Placement in Cloud Environments

Deafallah Alsadie, Zahir Tari, Eidah Alzahrani and Albert Y. Zomaya
Energy-Efficient Tailoring of VM Size and Tasks in Cloud Data Centers (short paper)

Gary Roberts, Sixia Chen, Chadi Kari and Vivek Pallipuram
Data Migration Algorithms in Heterogeneous Storage Systems: A Comparative Performance Evaluation (short paper)

Mary Hogan and Flavio Esposito
Stochastic Delay Forecasts for Edge Traffic Engineering via Bayesian Networks (short paper)

Evangelos Tasoulas, Hugo Lewi Hammer, Hårek Haugerud, Anis Yazidi, Alfred Bratterud and Boning Feng
The Concept of Workload Delay as a Quality-of-Service Metric for Consolidated Cloud Environments with Deadline Requirements (short paper)

Ricardo Filipe, Rui Pedro Paiva and Filipe Araujo
Client-Side Black-Box Monitoring for Web Sites (short paper)

16:00-16:30 Coffee Break

16:30-18:00 Session 4: False Tolerance and Reliability

Pascale Minet, Ines Khoufi and Anis Laouiti
Increasing Reliability of a TSCH Network for the Industry 4.0

Mohamed Mohamedin, Masoomeh Kishi and Roberto Palmieri
Shield: a Middleware to Tolerate CPU Transient Faults in Multicore Architectures

Ziad Kassam, Ali Shoker, Paulo Sérgio Almeida and Carlos Baquero
Aggregation Protocols in Light of Reliable Communication (short paper)

Shlomi Dolev, Roman Manevich and Amit Rokach
Programming Reflexes (short paper)

Klaus-Tycho Foerster
On the Consistent Migration of Unsplittable Flows: Upper and Lower Complexity Bounds (short paper)

Simone Economo, Emiliano Silvestri, Pierangelo Di Sanzo, Alessandro Pellegrini and Francesco Quaglia
Prompt Application-Transparent Transaction Revalidation in Software Transactional Memory (short paper)

Tuesday, October 31

09:00-10:30 Session 5: Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Corentin Hardy, Erwan Le Merrer and Bruno Sericola
Distributed Deep Learning on Edge-Devices: Feasibility via Adaptive Compression (Best Paper Award)

Rafael Aquino de Carvalho, Alfredo Goldman and Gerson Cavalheiro
Is Intel High Performance Analytics Toolkit a Good Alternative to Apache Spark?

Dimiter Avresky, Pierangelo Di Sanzo and Alessandro Pellegrini
Machine Learning-based Management of Cloud Applications in Hybrid Clouds: A Hadoop Case Study

Evangelos Pournaras and Jovan Nikolic
On-demand Self-adaptive Data Analytics in Large-scale Decentralized Networks

Jundong Chen, He Li, Zeju Wu and Md Shafaeat Hossain
Sentiment Analysis of the Correlation between Regular Tweets and Retweets (short paper)

10:30-10:50 Coffee Break

10:50-12:30 Session 6: Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems

Luis Pacheco, Eduardo Alchieri and Priscila Solis
Enhancing and Evaluating an Architecture for Privacy in the Integration of Internet of Things and Cloud Computing

Nicolas Small, Sven Akkermans, Wouter Joosen and Danny Hughes
Niflheim: An End-to-End Middleware for Applications on a Multi-Tier IoT Infrastructure

Mosarrat Jahan, Suranga Seneviratne, Ben Chu, Aruna Seneviratne and Sanjay Jha
Privacy Preserving Data Access Scheme for IoT Devices

Mikiko Sode Tanaka
Children’s Observation System with Wide Area Networks of IoT (short paper)

Adila Mebrek, Leila Merghem and Moez Esseghir
Efficient Green Solution for a Balanced Energy Consumption and Delay in the IoT-Fog-Cloud Computing (short paper)

Asma Lahbib, Khalifa Toumi, Sameh Elleuch, Anis Laouiti and Steven Martin
Link Reliable and Trust Aware RPL Routing Protocol for Internet of Things (short paper)

Ngoc-Tu Nguyen, Ming C. Leu and Xiaoqing Frank Liu
Real-time Communication for Manufacturing Cyber-Physical Systems (short paper)

12:30-14:00 Lunch

14:00-16:00 Session 7: Containers, Scheduling and Resource Allocation

Eidah Alzahrani, Zahir Tari, Young Choon Lee, Deafallah Alsadie and Albert Y. Zomaya
adCFS: Adaptive Completely Fair Scheduling Policy for Containerised Workflows Systems (Best Student Paper Award)

Damien Carver, Julien Sopena and Sébastien Monnet
ACDC : Advanced Consolidation for Dynamic Containers

Zhongmiao Li, Paolo Romano and Peter Van Roy
Enhancing Throughput of Partially Replicated State Machines via Multi-Partition Operation Scheduling

Yidan Wang, Zahir Tari, M. Reza Hoseinyfarahabady and Albert Y. Zomaya
QoS-aware Resource Allocation for Stream Processing Engines using Priority Channels

Young Ki Kim, Mohammadreza Hoseinyfarahabady, Young Choon Lee and Albert Y. Zomaya
A Resource Allocation Controller for Key-Value Data Stores (short paper)

Marcelo C. Abranches, Priscila Solis and Eduardo Alchieri
PAS-CA: A Cloud Computing Auto-scalability Method for High-demand Web Systems (short paper)

Khaled Almi Ani, Young Choon Lee and Bernard Mans
Resource Demand Aware Scheduling for Workflows in Clouds (short paper)

16:00-16:20 Coffee Break

16:20-18:00 Session 8: Networking

Kutalmis Akpinar and Kien Hua
Deduplication Overlay Network

Stefan Hommes, Petko Valtchev, Khalil Blaiech, Salaheddine Hamadi, Omar Cherkaoui and Radu State
Optimising Packet Forwarding in Multi-Tenant Networks using Rule Compilation

Yves Mocquard, Bruno Sericola and Emmanuelle Anceaume
Probabilistic Analysis of Counting Protocols in Large-Scale Asynchronous and Anonymous Systems

Bassirou Ngom and Mesaac Makpangou
Summary Prefix Tree: An over DHT Indexing Data Structure for Efficient Superset Search (short paper)

Diego Fernández, Hugo Lorenzo, Francisco J. Novoa, Fidel Cacheda and Victor Carneiro
Tools for Managing Network Traffic Flows: A Comparative Analysis (short paper)

Roberto Rigolin Ferreira Lopes, Antti Viidanoja, Maximilien Lhotellier, Michal Mazurkiewicz, Giampaolo Melis, Anne Diefenbach, Tobias Ginzler and Norman Jansen
Trade-off Analysis of a Service-Oriented and Hierarchical Queuing Mechanism (short paper)

Yelena Rykalova and Lev Levitin
Virtual Cut-Through Routing in Toroidal Interconnection Networks (short paper)

Wednesday, November 1

09:00-10:10 Session 9: Endpoint and Mobile Device Security

Muhammad Ikram and Mohamed Ali Kaafar
A First Look at Mobile Ad-Blocking Apps

Sileshi Demesie Yalew, Gerald Q. Maguire Jr., Seif Haridi and Miguel Correia
Hail to the Thief: Protecting Data from Mobile Ransomware with ransomSafeDroid

Sami Albouq, Erik Fredericks and Sami Albouq
Securing Communication Between Service Providers and Road Side Units in a Connected Vehicle Infrastructure (short paper)

Pasha Shahegh, Thomas Dietz, Michel Cukier, Areej Algaith, Attila Brozik and Ilir Gashi
AVAMAT: AntiVirus and Malware Analysis Tool (short paper)

Shlomi Dolev, Mohammad Ghanayim, Alexander Binun, Sergei Frenkel and Yeali Sun
Relationship of Jaccard and Edit Distance in Malware Clustering and Online Identification (short paper)

10:10-10:30 Coffee Break

10:30-11:30 Keynote

Josh Shaul - Internet Imbalance: Have We Given the Attackers An Edge?

11:30-12:30 Session 10: Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers

Maxim Amelchenko and Shlomi Dolev
Blockchain Abbreviation Implemented by Message Passing and Shared Memory

Ali Shoker
Sustainable Blockchain through Proof of eXercise

Nesrine Kaaniche and Maryline Laurent
A Blockchain-based Data Usage Auditing Architecture with Enhanced Privacy and Availability (short paper)

Pascal Buehler, Remo Manuel Frey, Alexander Gerdes, Thomas Hardjono, Klaus Ludwig Fuchs and Alexander Ilic
The Effect of a Blockchain-Supported, Privacy-Preserving System on Users' Disclosure of Personal Data (short paper)

12:30-14:00 Lunch

14:00-16:00 Session 11: Software-Defined Networking and NFV

Yefim Dinitz, Dolev Shlomi and Daniel Khankin
Dependence Graph and Master Switch for Seamless Dependent Routes Replacement in SDN

Sergei Frenkel, Daniel Khankin and Alona Kutsyy
Predicting and Choosing Alternatives of Route Updates per QoS VNF in SDN

Sara Farahmadian and Doan Hoang
SDS2: A Novel Software-Defined Security Service for Protecting Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Raj Shukla and Shamik Sengupta
A Novel Software-defined Network Based Approach for Charging Station Allocation to Plugged-in Electric Vehicles (short paper)

Iulisloi Zacarias, Janaína Schwarzrock, Luciano P. Gaspary, Anderson Kohl, Ricardo Q. A. Fernandes, Jorgito M. Stocchero and Edison P. de Freitas
Employing SDN to Control Video Streaming Applications in Military Mobile Networks (short paper)

Mohammad Abu-Lebdeh, Diala Naboulsi, Roch Glitho and Constant Tchouati
NFV Orchestrator Placement for Geo-Distributed Systems (short paper)

Fabien Charmet, Richard Waldinger, Gregory Blanc, Christophe Kiennert and Khalifa Toumi
Preserving Confidentiality During the Migration of Virtual SDN Topologies: A Formal Approach (short paper)

16:00-17:00 Session 12: 5G Networks

Durgesh Singh and Sasthi Ghosh
A Distributed Algorithm for D2D Communication in 5G using Stochastic Model

Hussein Al Dorai, Luay Alirkhis and Riyadh Ali
5G Accessibility Optimization in High Interference Environments (short paper)

Shankar Ghosh and Sasthi Ghosh
A Predictive Handoff Mechanism for 5G Ultra Dense Networks (short paper)

Sultan Alotaibi and Robert Akl
Radio Resource Management in LTE Femtocell Networks (short paper)

Maxweel Carmo, Sandino Jardim, Augusto Neto, Rui Aguiar and Daniel Corujo
Towards Fog-Based Slice-Defined WLAN Infrastructures to Cope with Future 5G Use Cases (short paper)

17:00-17:15 Conference Closing