In each session, the video-recordings of the papers will be presented in sequence. As the attendees watch the video presentations, they can write questions in a text area for the authors of the corresponding paper. At the end of all presentations, approximately 15 minutes will be devoted to Q&A.; At least one author of each accepted paper should be present at the corresponding session for the Q&A.; Next to each session is the name of the session chair (SC). All times shown in the conference schedule are in ET (Boston/New York) timezone.

Tuesday, November 24

10:00-10:15 Conference Opening (SC: Aris Gkoulalas-Divanis)

10:15-11:50 Session 1: Blockchain and Smart Contracts I(SC: Eugen Dedu)

Shlomi Dolev and Ziyu Wang
SodsMPC: FSM based Anonymous and Private Quantum-safe Smart Contracts

Peter Altmann, Olov Schelén, Abdul Ghafoor Abbasi, Karl Andersson and Morteza Alizadeh
Creating a Traceable Product Story in Manufacturing Supply Chains Using IPFS

Gary Shapiro, Christopher Natoli and Vincent Gramoli
The Performance of Byzantine Fault Tolerant Blockchains

Filipe Martins, David Matos, Miguel Pardal and Miguel Correia
Recoverable Token: Recovering from Intrusions against Digital Assets in Ethereum

11:50-12:35 Session 2: Cyber Security (SC: Shlomi Dolev)

Fábio Gomes and Miguel Correia
Cryptojacking Detection with CPU Usage Metrics

Alexandra Figueiredo, Tatjana Lide, David Matos and Miguel Correia
MERLIN: Multi-Language Web Vulnerability Detection

12:35-13:30 Session 3: Connected Vehicles I (SC: Mirco Marchetti)

Ankur Nahar and Debasis Das
SeScR: SDN-Enabled Spectral Clustering-Based Optimized Routing Using Deep Learning in VANET Environment

Lamia Chaari, Mohamed Ali Ben Rejeb and Samiha Ayed
New ICN based Clustering Mechanism for Vehicular Networks (short paper)

Krzysztof Stepień and Aneta Poniszewska-Maranda
Security methods against Black Hole attacks in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network (short paper)

13:30-15:00 Session 4: Cloud Computing and Machine Learning (SC: Claudia Canali)

Panagiotis Oikonomou, Kostas Kolomvatsos, Nikos Tziritas, Georgios Theodoropoulos, Thanasis Loukopoulos and Georgios Stamoulis
Uncertainty Driven Workflow Scheduling Using Unreliable Cloud Resources

Francis Laniel, Damien Carver, Julien Sopena, Franck Wajsburt, Jonathan Lejeune and Marc Shapiro
MemOpLight: Leveraging application feedback to improve container memory consolidation

M. Reza Hoseinyfarahabady, Javid Taheri, Albert Zomaya and Zahir Tari
A Dynamic Resource Allocation Controller for Resolving Quality of Service Issues in Apache Flink Platform

Lisa Her, Syeduzzaman Khan, David Samuel, Xusheng Ai, Sixia Chen and Vivek Pallipuram
A2Cloud-cc: A Machine Learning Council to Guide Cloud Resource Selection for Scientific Applications (short paper)

Wednesday, November 25

10:00-11:25 Session 5: Blockchain and Smart Contracts II (SC: Romaric Ludinard)

Edoardo Puggioni, Arash Shaghaghi, Robin Doss and Salil Kanhere
Towards Decentralized IoT Updates Delivery Leveraging Blockchain and Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Lokendra Vishwakarma and Debasis Das
BSS: Blockchain Enabled Security System for Internet of Things Applications (short paper)

Geoffrey Saunois, Frédérique Robin, Emmanuelle Anceaume and Bruno Sericola
Permissionless Consensus based on Proof-of-Eligibility (short paper)

Mirko Zichichi, Stefano Ferretti, Gabriele D'Angelo and Víctor Rodríguez Doncel
Personal Data Access Control Through Distributed Authorization (short paper)

Marcelo Silva, Miguel Correia and Miguel Matos
P2CSTORE: P2P and Cloud File Storage for Blockchain Applications (short paper)

11:25-12:20 Session 6: Connected Vehicles II (SC: Erik Maehle)

Hannes Salin, Lukasz Krzywiecki, Nisha Panwar and Mykola Pavlov
Proxy Signcryption for Vehicle Infrastructure Immune to Randomness Leakage and Setup Attacks

Viet-Dung Nguyen, Phi Le Nguyen, Trung Hieu Nguyen, Kien Nguyen and Phan Thuan Do
An (e-1)/(2e-1)-Approximation Algorithm for Maximizing the Coverage Capability in Vehicle-based Mobile Air Quality Monitoring Systems (short paper)

Shah Khalid Khan, Usman Naseem, Nazar Waheed, Adnan Mir and Atika Qazi
UAV-aided 5G Network in Suburban, Urban, Dense Urban, and High-rise Urban Environments (short paper)

12:20-13:50 Session 7: Wireless Networks (SC: Vasilis Sourlas)

Van Quan La, Phi Le Nguyen, Thanh Hung Nguyen and Kien Nguyen
Q-learning-based, Optimized On-demand Charging Algorithm in WRSN

Vishaka Basnayake, Hakim Mabed, Dushantha Jayakody and Philippe Canalda
M-HELP - Multi-Hop Emergency Call Protocol in 5G

Nguyen Thi Hanh, Huynh Thi Thanh Binh, Nguyen Van Son and Myungchul Kim
Minimal Relay Node Placement for Ensuring Network Connectivity in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks

Nisha Panwar and Shantanu Sharma
Security and Privacy Aspects in 5G Networks (short paper)

13:50-14:55 Session 8: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning for Network Applications (SC: Aris Gkoulalas-Divanis)

Ashish Rauniyar, Anis Yazidi, Paal Engelstad and Olav N. Østerbø
A Reinforcement Learning based Game Theoretic Approach for Distributed Power Control in Downlink NOMA

Georgios Drainakis, Konstantinos V. Katsaros, Panagiotis Pantazopoulos, Vasilis Sourlas and Angelos Amditis
Federated vs. Centralized Machine Learning under Privacy-elastic Users: A Comparative Analysis

Andrea Tundis, Ahmed Ali Shams and Max Mühlhäuser
Concepts of a Pyramidal Model for Assessing Internet-based Terrorist Propaganda (short paper)

Thursday, November 26

10:00-10:55 Keynote I: Software Defined Smart Cities: Integrating the Cyber World with the Internet of Things (SC: Dimiter Avresky)

10:55-12:30 Session 9: Cyber-Physical Systems and IoT (SC: Miguel Pardal)

Mariana Segovia-Ferreira, Jose Manuel Rubio Hernan, Anna R Cavalli and Joaquin Garcia-Alfaro
Resilience Evaluation of Cyber-Physical Systems

Renato Caminha Juacaba Neto, Pascal Merindol and Fabrice Theoleyre
Transformation Based Routing Overlay for Privacy and Reusability in Multi-Domain IoT

Luis Dias, Simão Valente and Miguel Correia
Go With the Flow: Clustering Dynamically-Defined NetFlow Features for Network Intrusion Detection with DYNIDS

Malcolm Bourdon, Pierre-François Gimenez, Eric Alata, Mohamed Kaaniche, Youssef Laarouchi, Vincent Migliore and Vincent Nicomette
Hardware-Performance-Counters-based anomaly detection in massively deployed smart industrial devices

12:30-13:45 Session 10: Edge and Fog Computing (SC: Kostas Kolomvatsos)

Pedro Ákos Costa, Pedro Fouto and João Leitão
Overlay Networks for Edge Management

Claudia Canali, Riccardo Lancellotti and Simone Mione
Collaboration Strategies for Fog Computing under Heterogeneous Network-bound Scenarios

Noé Godinho, Henrique Silva, Marilia Curado and Luis Paquete
Energy and Latency-aware Resource Reconfiguration in Fog Environments

13:45-15:00 Session 11: Distributed Storage (SC: Thanasis Loukopoulos)

Hugo Guerreiro, Luis Rodrigues, Nuno Preguiça and Nivia Quental
Causality Tracking Tradeoffs for Distributed Storage

Lewis Tseng, Kishori Konwar, Haochen Pan, Yingjian Wu, Muriel Medard and Viveck Cadambe
CassandrEAS: Highly Available and Storage-Efficient Distributed KV-Store with Erasure Coding

Sergio Esteves, Joao Nuno Silva and Luís Veiga
Palpatine: Mining Frequent Sequences for Data Prefetching in NoSQL Distributed Key-Value Stores

Friday, November 27

10:00-10:55 Keynote II: Fault Tolerance in Dynamic Distributed Systems (SC: Aris Gkoulalas-Divanis)

10:55-12:15 Session 12: Network Traffic Analysis (SC: Fabio Pierazzi)

Arnaldo Gouveia and Miguel Correia
Towards Quantum-Enhanced Machine Learning for Network Intrusion Detection

Gilberto Gomes, Luis Dias and Miguel Correia
CryingJackpot: Network Flows and Performance Counters against Cryptojacking

Marcos Rogério Silveira, Adriano Mauro Cansian, Hugo Koji Kobayashi and Leandro Marcos da Silva
XGBoost Applied to Identify Malicious Domains Using Passive DNS (short paper)

Leandro Marcos da Silva, Marcos Rogério Silveira, Adriano Mauro Cansian and Hugo Koji Kobayashi
Multiclass Classification of Malicious Domains Using Passive DNS with XGBoost (work in progress paper)

12:15-13:45 Session 13: Software Defined Network (SC: Riccardo Lancellotti)

Ahmad Abboud, Rémi Garcia, Abdelkader Lahmadi, Michael Rusinowitch and Adel Bouhoula
Efficient Distribution of Security Policy Filtering Rules in Software Defined Networks

Jorge Lopez, Maxime Labonne, Claude Poletti and Dallal Belabed
Priority Flow Admission and Routing in SDN: Exact and Heuristic Approaches

Thang Nguyen, Khiem Doan, Giang Nguyen and Binh Minh Nguyen
Modeling Multi-constrained Fog-cloud Environment for Task Scheduling Problem

Bassem Sellami, Akram Hakiri, Sadok Ben Yahia and Pascal Berthou
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Energy-Efficient Task Scheduling in SDN-based IoT Network (short paper)

13:45-15:05 Session 14: Routing and Networking (SC: Filipe Araujo)

Jean-Romain Luttringer, Thomas Alfroy, Quentin Bramas, François Clad, Pascal Mérindol and Cristel Pelsser
Computing Delay-Constrained Least-Cost Paths for Segment Routing is Easier Than You Think

Wladimir De la Cadena, Daniel Kaiser, Andriy Panchenko and Thomas Engel
Out-of-the-box Multipath TCP as a Tor Transport Protocol: Performance and Privacy Implications

Ahmed Raoof, Chung-Horng Lung and Ashraf Matrawy
Introducing Network Coding to RPL: The Chained Secure Mode (CSM) (short paper)

Erick Petersen, Jorge Lopez, Natalia Kushik, Claude Poletti and Djamal Zeghlache
On using SMT-solvers for Modeling and Verifying Dynamic Network Emulators (work in progress paper)

15:05-15:15 Conference Closing (SC: Dimiter Avresky)